Healthy Thanksgiving Tips 

​Ahh the holidays! The time of year for abundant savory meals and delicious desserts. It can be challenging to stay on track. The holidays do not have to be a time to gain weight or lose sight of healthy eating.  My family tries to incorporate a new vegetable dish each year instead of the same typical sides. Adding more vegetables, a nice leafy green salad … Continue reading Healthy Thanksgiving Tips 

Healthy Holiday: don’t skip your meals! 

 Did you know the average American gains a total of 2 pounds during the holiday season??  This sure doesn’t seem like much but research does show that these pounds tend to stick around and add up through out the years.  But you don’t have to gain the pounds if you’re mindful of what you’re eating.  Tip: don’t skip meals before a holiday party. This … Continue reading Healthy Holiday: don’t skip your meals! 

Meet the dietitian on Healthie 

Get to know me. I truly believe dietitians are the future of healthcare and preventative care in the US. We don’t only help people lose weight, but we help manage chronic disease through food 🍏🍐🍊🍋🍌 click on the link below and learn more 😀 Meet me — Dalina Graduating with my Masters degree in Nutrition Education ’15 after graduating in 2010 from PennState University with … Continue reading Meet the dietitian on Healthie 

Mommy, Maker, and Ladies night out

We’re having a party! Dalina and I are so excited to announce that our first official Mommy, Maker, and ladies night out event is set for Septemeber 27th! It’ll be at the We Work office in Northern Liberties and the space is so amazing!  We will have a few select local brand vendors set up for you to shop as you please while mingling and have … Continue reading Mommy, Maker, and Ladies night out

Becoming healthier on your own terms 

When people hear I’m a registered dietitian the first thing they say to me is “can you give me a diet?” No joke that’s the first thing out of 95% of people mouths. Now I don’t get offended and I usually laugh it off, but I immediately respond with “I don’t do diets.” 😀 Now I should start off by explaining what a registered dietitian … Continue reading Becoming healthier on your own terms