Easy Frozen Yogurt Treats

It’s finally been nice out here in Philadelphia. The Sun ☀️ has been shining and it’s been super warm. 

Nayla is super obsessed with Mr. Softee, our local ice cream truck— when she hears him coming down the street after dinner she literally runs to the window and is full of excitement. 

I obviously don’t want her eating it every night (although she did have some last night 😋) so I decided to make some frozen treats to give her as her bed time snack. 

Frozen Yogurt Treats 

1 Popsicle mold 

3 stonyfield YoTot yogurts (we used sweet potato since she didn’t like them) 

1 big banana 🍌

1 cup pineapples 🍍

* feel free to substitute any fruit or flavor of yogurt 😀


1.Mix everything in a blender.

2. Pour into molds. 

3.Freeze for 5 hours minimum.

4. ENJOY 😋


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