Reaching for our dreams 

Hi, Dalina here! The other half of this dynamic duo. I am a dietitian as many of you know from previous posts and I really wanted to get down to the “why”. Why Amelia (my wonderful partner in crime) and I wanted to start this blog.

As moms we wanted to have a place where other moms felt comfortable visiting and reading about everyday nonsense. We both love thinking of new things to feed our daughters and eating! My goal with Nutritiously Yours LLC (my nutrition counseling company) is to empower people, Especially moms! We want you to love food and become healthier on your own terms.

As a working mom I know how hard it is to manage my professional life and my family life. When my daughter Nayla was born I struggled so much. I felt like I never wanted to leave her side but I also missed my career. I did not know how to balance the two. I had terrible anxiety leaving her side and work was so nerve racking. I felt like I was constantly pumping at work and trying to get my job done while still constantly thinking about my baby girl (FYI watching your baby in videos while pumping def increases milk production 😂)!   I also worried my daughter would forget me because I wasn’t with her. That she would not love me. The day she went to my mom before she came to me, my heart broke.

It took time, but after a few months and the hormones finally relaxing, I realized its all about BALANCE. I learned that working part time and being at home with her was best for me. I love my job. I love helping others become healthier and I LOVE NUTRITION.  So my goal for this blog is to educated you.

As a mom we fear all kinds of new things. We hear all these crazy fads in the media and many of us have no idea how to interpret it. So here we are, telling you it will be ok! And that we will help guide you through it. Nutritiously Yours will cover all the topics and make you feel comfortable making the right decision for YOU and YOUR family. So that you can have some peace of mind in this crazy world 😀

And as for me, Amelia, food has always been a love of mine, and to be honest, a total struggle for me. All my life I lived among fad diets whether it was at home or away in college and I was miserable. I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and it’s always been a contributor to some serious self loathing. There have been points in my life that I can look back at pictures and say – “look how happy I am there” and those are the times I want to get back to. Where I was taking care of myself the right way and having the time of my life because I wasn’t so consumed with not being where I want to be – Healthy.

I’m coming up on my 4 year wedding anniversary and my baby’s 3rd birthday and my last five years have been hectic with loads of health questions, nutrition and wellness enlightenments that I feel good about for my family and also a ton of motherhood choices/situations along the way. I always chose to turn to online forums, mommy groups, blogs, etc for answers in the past.

My “why” is to be able to give back to the Mamas like me out there that have been searching and searching for opinions, answers, and inspiration online.

I couldn’t be happier to have met Dalina through an amazing mutual friend (that has so much to offer and is a supermom herself and you’ll be introduced to). Dalina and I share so much in common as far as values, goals, importance of family and living life to the fullest for ourselves and our littles.

And yet I come from a totally different situation where I am a fulltime stay at home Mom since having my little lady. I was in pharmaceutical sales and left my manager level position (even though I’m really a workaholic and it killed me) because with my husbands busy work and work travel schedule that’s just what worked for us. I have a totally different type of guilt I deal with than Dalina. Guilt that is really in all our stay at home mom heads even though we know our worth is gold. Dealing with internal struggles of being good enough as a contributor to your family as a Mom and proving your worth. In my case I literally have had 4 sell at home start up companies I’ve ran from home with my little in the last three years. Crazy business.

The one thing that we both want to get from this company, blog, project, is a way to create memories with our families, work towards our own personal best selves, build a healthy relationship with food for our little ladies, and to help others. If we reach just one struggling woman out there then we will be happy. ❤️

If there’s anything you’re struggling with health, wellness, nutrition or lifestyle wise, we want to hear it. We would love to enlighten and inspire you so please leave us a comment and you might just be our next blog topic ( anonymous or not 😘).


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