New year, New you?!?

The new year is right around the corner and many of you are going to make the resolution to become a new you. But what’s wrong with this you? Why does it have to be a whole new you? How about we make the resolution to make YOU, a better YOU. A healthier you! A you that can reach your goals all year long and doesn’t have to feel defeated on January 31 when things aren’t going quite as you had planned on January 1st. 

I am a registered dietitian. I actually started my journey at PennState University as a pre-med major but after taking a nutrition class my first semester, I decided I wanted to be on the preventative side of things. I didn’t want to cure disease, I wanted to PREVENT disease. And so I decided to become a Dietitian. Why not eat food and become healthier?! Why not eat well to prevent having to take medicine? Man I thought I would change the world, I figured it would be easy. But it hasn’t been! 

It hasn’t been easy because there is just too much misinformation going around our world. One minute this fad diet is the way to go, the other minute this shake will help you drop 10 pounds in a week. All while charging you insane amounts of money. 

Then there’s also the healthcare professionals who many times have only taken a class or two about nutrition and tell patients to “watch out for white foods” or lose 10 pounds by the next visit but do not give any guidence. Well, sometimes they do give a handout but really does that help? And it is not their fault they’re being pulled in a million different directions. 

I on the other hand  have a bachelors degree, 1200+ hours of supervised practice needed to sit for my registration exam AND a masters degree in nutrition. And I can sit with you for a whole hour and really get down to the root of the problem and explain lab work, discuss chronic disease and of course teach you all about nutrition. 

So after years of frustration working for other companies, I decided I wanted to change how things work. I decided to start Nutritiously Yours LLC, and have been on a mission to change the way people feel about food and health! 

And so this month I asked a few clients to tell me how they felt about working with an RD and how they have been able to better their health. In hopes of course that anyone reading this will go contact an RD ASAP and begin working on their health this new year, and not on a whole new you. 


Natasha: “As a busy working mom of a kindergartner who has eczema, I wanted to ensure that we were getting the right balance of nutrients since we both do not eat meat. The goals were to treat my daughter’s eczema from the inside out and for me to lose 20 lbs without making huge changes to my diet.

After spending countless nights on the internet, I decided to team up with a dietitian to help me understand the food plate, create a plan to treat my daughter’s eczema, and to lose weight. I’ve worked with Nutritiously Yours to achieve my goals and to-date I am extremely pleased with the outcome. 
On a weekly basis, I create a meal plan to ensure that my family and I are eating the required amount of nutrients. This allows me to food shop with a purpose and is also fantastic for my food budget! Based on Dalina’s recommendations my daughter eczema has become extremely manageable, and I have lost over 50% of my weight goal in less than 3 months.”

C. Taylor: 
Before my first appointment I didn’t know much about RDs. I only knew that they have helpful information to get my health back on track. After our first appointment I was very glad that I decided to see one. I learned a lot of useful things that helped me lose weight and get back on track. I honestly learned how important hydration is, and the key benefits of drinking water. My greatest success is my weight loss due to the useful information I received. I feel that seeing an RD has been life changing experience. And I strongly recommend going to see one.


Dalina has really helped me a lot. I lost about 65 in just under four months thanks to her. And the best part, she told me I needed to eat more because I wasn’t eating often enough for my body to burn it all off right away. I don’t eat red meat so she had me eat protein bars and Greek yogurt as my snacks in between meals to make up for it. She loves pizza just as much as I do and told me that it was okay to eat it in moderation. After working in restaurants for over a decade and eating tons of fried food, I thought I was beyond help because of the bad habits I’ve developed. I got down to the smallest pant size I’ve ever been with her help and my new years goal is single digit pant sizes (which is huge considering a year ago I was over a size 16). You can do it. And there’s help out there for you to get to your goal.

So this year, no more resolutions! Aim to be a better YOU. Call a dietitian, work with a personal trainer and begin to focus on your health and small goals. That is what’s going to make you be successful. Drastic changes rarely work so find yourself someone who is willing to get you there the healthy way. No need to give into the fads. Fuel your body with nutrition! And the best part is your insurance might cover these visits with an RD. So do the research and get to work on bettering yourself— without having to spend too much money! 


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