Healthy Holiday: What to do with all the yummy options? 

We all know holiday meals tend to be BIG— more like a buffet rather than a sit down dinner. This means we are usually going back for seconds and thirds. 
But one must remember, calories are calories so it’s important to be mindful of your plate. 

Tip: use a smaller plate and fill up on the salad and veggies first. This can help you feel fuller and eat less of the more indulgent foods.

Another tip, try a little bit of everything and then go back for portions of what you really enjoyed! 

Remember our first tip, enjoy the party! Mingle, talk and don’t make food the focus. When you eat and take a break you give your body enough time to relate to your brain that you’re full– you might not want seconds. 

Also why not bring a dish that you know you can have a little more of. Make a veggie dish or a fruit salad. Bring that along and make it your “safe dish”. 

Here are a few veggie recipes you can try: 

Garlicky Greenbeans
Green bean casserole
Maple roasted sweet potatoes
Brussels sprouts

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