Farm to Families

Good morning all! Doesn’t the site of reasonably priced fresh from the farm produce just make you happy? 

Eating fresh and healthy all the time can sometimes take a toll on your pocket depending on where you shop, there’s no secret there. But the key is finding amazing programs like our local Farm to Families box available at St. Mary’s Hospital in Bucks County. 

For $15 (or $10 for a smaller box) you get a full box like this along with recipes and cooking tips for the natural goodness they’ve provided that week. You can opt for fruit only or even order meat, eggs, etc. A lot of the items are produced locally so it’s a great way to support your local farmers.

 If you’d like to order a box check out this link!

And if you’re not local, check with your local hospitals or community centers to see if they offer anything similar or see if they can look into it! 


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