Welcome to Nutritiously Yours ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ…๐ŸŒฎ๐ŸŒ

Hi all and thanks for following along with us! We are so excited to start putting our ideas, tips and reviews all down in one central spot. We just wanted to do a little introduction of our dynamic duo and tell you our “why”. 

Nutritiously Yours LLC was recently created by the first half of our blogging team, Dalina.   

Dalina is a Registered Dietitian based out of Philadelphia who’s on a mission to teach people to enjoy food with a healthy balance. She has her bachelors degree from PennState Univeristy (We Are…) and holds a masters degree from Immaculata University. She’s the brains behind our health mission and when she’s not actively seeing clients she’s being a super mom to her sweet 1 and a half year old daughter Nayla. She personally loves food, especially pizza. It’s all about balance. 

The second part of the team is Amelia. 

Amelia is a stay at home mommy blogger with a sales and marketing background and a bachelors in Communication from Penn State.  Amelia currently blogs for Squeaks and Cheeks along with selling a variety of home based companies (self made and direct sales). Amelia loves to cook and is always looking for creative ways to include her threenager daughter Sophie. 

Together we realized that our interests and life mottos are perfectly in line. We wanted to share our love for food and help motivate others to choose a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle all while spending time with our little ones and teaching them to grow up with a healthy relationship with food. 

 Please be sure to follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram @nutritiouslyyoursllc and here on our blog to see recipes, product reviews, mommy hacks and more. And if there’s anything specific you’re struggling with please let us know! 

For additional nutrition help or if you’re interested in counseling contact us at: Nutritiously Yours LLC




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